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The Cannabis Expo


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The Cannabis Expo is the global marketplace for education and
innovative products and businesses serving the cannabis industry
and its medicinal, agricultural, financial and lifestyle aspects. The
cannabis industry is exploding, and The Cannabis Expo provides the
perfect platform for international and local medical health
professionals, agricultural providers and lifestyle brands to engage
with industry experts and the public around this versatile plant.

Taking place annually in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and
Durban, The Cannabis Expo is the largest trade and consumer expo of
its kind on the African continent and includes an exhibitor hall,
networking and entertainment spaces, the Cannabis Food Market as
well as the Convention Stage that hosts experts from across the

This multifaceted expo provides visitors the opportunity to learn all
there is to know about cannabis. Get clued up about the laws around
cannabis, how to get a growers permit, what tools, lights and
fertilisers are needed to grow the best crops, the wide range of health
benefits of cannabis, the vast business opportunities the cannabis
industry has to offer and so much more.